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The pleasantly soft padding combined with the high side edges gives your four-legged friend unbeatable lying comfort, plus protection and security from cold draughts.

Does your dog have allergies? Thanks to the hypoallergenic filling, this bed is the perfect place to unwind after an exciting day, even for the most sensitive of pets.

If your dog is feeling especially energetic and spirited, the Furrfetch dog bed is the right choice for you. Thanks to its robust, high-quality materials, it can even withstand particularly lively four-legged friends and looks classy and comfortable at all times. Even cold floors aren’t an issue anymore. Your pooch will always feel warm and snug thanks to the bed cushion’s luxurious padding. The non-slip underside ensures that the bed doesn’t budge even when your dog’s being particularly boisterous.

 The velour upper is particularly hard-wearing, and thanks to the sewn-in zippers you can easily wash everything in the washing machine at 30°C when it’s covered in more stubborn dirt.

By buying this dog bed, you’ll be doing both your dog and yourself a big favour. Why not see for yourself?

Size  Estimates only
Small - Base 30cm, Outer 60cm
Cat, Puppy, Sausage dog, Maltese Shih tzu, etc.
Medium - Base 45cm, Outer 75cm
Pugs, Small Cavoodle, Maltese Shih Tzu
Large - Base 60cm, Outer 90cm
Corgi, Labrador, German Shepards, etc.
Extra Large - Base 90cm, Outer 120cm
German Shepherd, Great Dane 


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